Our Faculty

Highlander teachers have degrees and are certified. Their teaching experience ranges from 2 years to over 40 years. 

Arduino Natalie
Natalie Arduino


Duncan Debby
Debby Duncan
Ford Becky
Becky Ford
Fraser Jean
Jean Fraser
Gilliam Mary Jane
Mary Jane Gilliam
Truman Chase
Chase Inman
Johnson Kathleen
Kathleen Johnson
Kaplan Cathy
Cathy Kaplan
Montes Julio
Julio Montes
Patterson Michele
Michele Patterson
Puckett Dru
Drue Puckett
Reed Jill
Jill Reed
Reibenstein Janet
Janet Reibenstein
Schoppaul Denise
Denise Schoppaul
Smith Holly
Holly Smith
Welch Debbie
Debbie Welch
Whitlock Shannon
Shannon Whitlock
Woodring Wayne
Wayne Woodring