Physical Education

“Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. We are fearfully and wonderfully made."

At Highlander, we believe that a well-rounded student has a healthy mind, spirit, and body. Therefore, physical education and freedom to run and play are essential parts of the Highlander education model.

Full day, early childhood students enjoy recess on the playground twice daily for 30 minutes each time.  All elementary students enjoy a brief recess after lunch and a 30 minute daily P.E. class in the afternoon. To help our first graders maintain focus during their morning academics, they have an additional 15 minute morning recess.


Our physical education program stresses the importance of character, good sportsmanship, and being heart healthy. Children are introduced to a variety of physical activities, such as rowing, yoga, running, conditioning, flag football, field hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more. Students are taught proper stretching and warm-up techniques, as well as nutrition education.

To culminate the year, elementary students participate in Field Day, where students engage in a friendly and fun competition. The whole Highlander family comes out to cheer and watch tug-of-war, high jump, basketball shoot out, relay races, and more.