Our Philosophy

As we celebrate more than 55 years of excellence in education, the traditions of “The Highlander Way,” continue to be common thread that runs through our curriculum and each day of teaching. Beginning with the 3-year-old class and continuing through 6th grade, students build a solid academic foundation and develop a strong moral compass. Recognizing that each student acquires skills in variety of ways and different rates, Highlander teachers use visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching styles to meet the unique learning modalities of students while maintaining the high academic standards.

At the core of our academics is the Carden curriculum, which is a proven teaching curriculum that combines strong academics and character development, which are essential elements of a whole-child education. Highlander School is dedicated to educate our students in an atmosphere that is warm, nurturing, and engaging, to provide a thorough and challenging curriculum, and to develop a sense of confidence, giving students the tools necessary to be successful in reading, mathematics, language arts, science, public speaking, literature, and allowing for personal expression within a well-rounded experience in the arts.

Highlander School was founded on Christian principles that are woven throughout the curriculum and daily morning devotionals. This faith-based environment nurtures students to be spiritually minded as they begin to define their own character, honor, and integrity. Our teachers focus on cultivating character through daily practice of respect, courtesy and service to others.