Early Childhood

Highlander recognizes the importance of early education and is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, Christian environment for its students. Pre-K II and Pre-K I curriculums offer opportunities for children to develop and learn through self-discovery, guided exploration, and positive experiences. Self-awareness and self-expression are encouraged while emphasizing social skills and communication.  Pre-reading, pre-math, and writing activities prepare students for the academics of kindergarten.

Highlander’s Kindergarten curriculum continues to strengthen the whole child by stimulating the intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development of a child. The building blocks of independence and responsibility are nurtured with high expectations and continuity. Classroom activities give hands-on experiences and a foundation for elementary years.

Early childhood curriculum allows students to experience the fine arts. Art appreciation begins in the Pre-K II class. Students use different media that characterize the works of many famous artists, such as Van Gogh, Renoir, and Matisse. Students use their music time not only to sing, but to develop large motor skills and coordination. A musical theater program affords participation for every early childhood student, with stage presentations beginning in Pre-K I.

Students begin learning basic French vocabulary in Pre-K II in preparation for verb conjugation in first grade. The early childhood computer program supports developing hand-eye coordination, listening skills, patterns, attention to detail, and beginning of pre-keyboarding skills.

Full-day and half-day options are available for Highlander’s Early Childhood classes. Small class sizes allow teachers to capitalize on those “teachable moments.”