Fourth Grade

Proudly trading in your plaid jumper for a skirt, you are now in fourth grade and officially an upperclassman at Highlander. Every day has been equally full of hard work, accomplishment, joy, and laughter. With every year come greater privileges, and this year you get to travel from homeroom to Mrs. Reibenstein’s science classroom.

It is such fun exploring Mrs. Reibenstein’s room with its collections of animal bones, rocks, minerals, and other science toys. Planets hang from the ceiling, the water faucet lights up when you turn it on, and the whole class gets hot chocolate on the first day of 40-degree weather. You really enjoyed Pond Day with its pond-themed snack, movie, games, and centers, and you can’t wait to track hurricanes and display your Repurposing Project in the spring.

Inside your fourth grade binder are your notecards for your Native American research paper (You got the Sioux tribe!). This year you have learned how to research, write, and type a paper and bibliography. Once your report is complete, you look forward to using your artistic skills to fashion a 3D Sioux habitat, and you’re making traditional pemmican for everyone to taste on Native American food day.

In the fall, you learned about the European explorers — culminating with a Spice Day feast — read Bambi and Shiloh, starred in a Thanksgiving play, recited poetry in front of the class, gave an oral presentation, increased your typing speed, used algebra and geometry to problem solve, discussed probability, and fine-tuned your map skills. It’s hard work, but you’re having a lot of fun doing it.

This is fourth grade at Highlander.

  • Pledge and prayer
  • Character development
  • Poetry memorization/recitation
  • Sentence analysis of American history content (exploration, colonization, and independence)
  • Classroom literature: Bambi, Hans Brinker, Shiloh, The Sign of the Beaver, and The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
  • Study of “Aesop’s Fables”
  • Etymology of words/vocabulary development
  • Explorer Report
  • Native American Research Paper
  • Dallas Zoo
  • Dallas Children’s Theater
  • Map skills
  • Pond Day
  • Texas history
  • Thanksgiving play
  • Carden Cove
  • Science: ecosystems, minerals and rocks, human body, and more
  • Accelerated Reader program
  • Creative writing and journaling
  • Saxon Math 65 (regular 6th/honors 5th)
  • Art appreciation
  • Self-expression through art
  • French
  • Computer/keyboarding/Microsoft Word
  • Music
  • P.E. every day