A Note from the Principal

Jill Reed, Principal

Welcome to Highlander School. At Highlander, we believe that every child has a God-given purpose, and it is our daily mission to mold each child academically, morally, and spiritually to see that purpose through to fruition. We believe that if you challenge children within a nurturing environment, they will thrive.

Highlander School

My family has dedicated more than 60 years to the field of education, and it is our passion to share that love of learning with every student who walks the halls of Highlander. Inspired by Mae Carden’s curriculum, my mother and Highlander School founder, Dr. Betty Woodring, established Highlander School in 1966. Highlander’s exceptional teachers have been serving Dallas children with academic excellence and love ever since.

We welcome you to visit our campus and discover for yourself this very special, secure, child-centered, Christian school that we call home.

Warmest regards,

Jill Reed

Principal, Highlander School