Pre-K I

There is only one more year before Kindergarten, and we know you want to make sure your little one is prepared. Highlander’s Pre-K I program not only prepares its students academically for the demands of an advanced Kindergarten, but also prepares them socially. Learning to share, forgive, and work together are important skills for a successful school career. By teaching and modeling interpersonal skills and manners, we build their confidence and equip them for life.

We memorize and recite classic nursery rhymes- building vocabulary, paving the way for sentence analysis, and improving memory. We read and illustrate Bible thoughts (verses), discussing the individual ways our Lord is present in our lives. We master colors and shapes and form letters and numbers using Handwriting Without Tears. We take the time to work on proper pencil grip and handwriting readiness.

Our Pre-K I students meet community helpers, sample fruits and vegetables, visit the zoo, collect fall leaves, study bugs, seeds, and flowers, celebrate a Thanksgiving feast, learn to explore the world through their five senses, study the true meaning of Christmas, and learn to make their own snacks during “cooking.” They sing in music and perform in musical programs, listen to stories in the library, and begin learning basic computer skills. They discover famous artists and express their creativity in art class, learn conversational French, and strengthen their bodies in P.E. By the end of Pre-K I, our students have learned how to work independently and respect others. They are prepared academically for Kindergarten and are confident in their abilities. Our students feel loved and encouraged and are excited to take the next step.

  • Pledge and prayer
  • Manners and behavior
  • Nursery rhyme memorization/recitation
  • Reading comprehension and discussion
  • Developing vocabulary
  • Learning consonants
  • Handwriting readiness
  • Visual perception
  • Counting and forming numbers
  • Art appreciation
  • Abstract thinking
  • Self-expression through art
  • Introduction to computer
  • French
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Bible concepts
  • Outdoor exploration