Fine Arts

At Highlander, we understand the importance of a fine arts education and the role fine arts play in enriching our lives. Highlander sparks an appreciation for art and music within our students through field trips to the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Dallas Opera, as well as through our music and art classes.

Our early childhood students attend music classes twice a week. Through classic children’s songs, students experience the joy of singing with an emphasis on creative movement, which develops large motor skills and coordination. These young students explore the wonder of music through the use of bongo drums, tambourines, triangles, and other introductory instruments.

Weekly art classes give Highlander students the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylics, pencils, pastels, and clay. Art appreciation begins in the Pre-K II (3-year-olds) class where students use different media to characterize the works of artists like Van Gogh, Renoir, and Matisse.

Each spring, our 1st–6th grade students proudly invite loved ones to see their art on display at our annual Art Exhibit. An exciting evening for everyone, the Art Exhibit features our students’ masterpieces displayed as they would be in an art show. Students, parents, grandparents, and friends enjoy perusing the sculptures, still life sketches, and portrait and landscape paintings, while enjoying refreshments.

Highlander elementary students attend music classes three times a week, where they learn to play ukuleles, Suzuki chimes, Orff xylophones and glockenspiels, drums, and other percussion instruments. Twice annually, these young musicians are separated by level (early childhood, lower elementary, upper elementary) to star in musical theater programs with lights, costumes, scripts, choreography, props, and classic arrangements. These elaborate productions are enjoyed by friends and family and have become a deep-rooted, Highlander tradition.