Fifth Grade

You just turned in your Civil War Report, and you’re equal parts relieved and sad that it’s over. Who would have thought that you would write your first historical fiction at such a young age? You’ve learned that you actually love history! When your fifth grade class read Johnny Tremain, you were on the edge of your seat to hear what was going to happen next. And when you diagrammed sentences about the Revolutionary War from your spelling book, you could picture everything as if you were there.

This year, you have studied Greek myths and legends, analyzed plot structure, edited your own writing, discussed current events, used algebra to problem solve, delivered speeches, memorized poetry, studied the Titanic, converted measurements, and learned how to conduct research on the Internet (supervised, of course …). But your favorite part of everything you’ve done this year was Carden Cove.

At Carden Cove, the gym was transformed into a town, complete with the Bank, Newspaper, Radio Station, General Store, Snack Shop, and even City Hall with an elected Mayor, Judge, and Policemen. You learned how to apply for a job, develop marketing strategies, manage expenses, and forecast revenue. By working hard for payroll and properly balancing your checkbook, you were able to buy candy and toys, request songs at the Radio Station, and manage a profitable business. What a fun day! You can’t wait to do it again in sixth grade.

  • Pledge and prayer
  • Character development
  • Poetry memorization/recitation
  • Sentence analysis of American history content (Revolutionary War– Civil War)
  • Classroom literature: Johnny Tremain, Wind in the Willows, Tom Sawyer, and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
  • Study of Greek mythology
  • Space Day
  • Etymology of words/vocabulary development
  • Short story analysis
  • Letter writing
  • Note taking and outlining
  • Family History Project
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • States and capitals
  • Founding Fathers Research Paper
  • DAR writing contest
  • Civil War Report (historical fiction)
  • Science: chemistry, ecology, weather, and more
  • Study skills
  • Invention Convention
  • Carden Cove
  • Accelerated Reader program
  • Creative writing and journaling
  • Saxon Math 76 (regular 7th/honors 6th)
  • Art appreciation
  • Self-expression through art
  • French
  • Computer/keyboarding/Microsoft Word/Excel/Power Point
  • Music
  • P.E. every day