Sixth Grade

This is the culmination of your years at Highlander; you are in the coveted position of sixth grade student. You know everyone looks up to you when you raise and lower the flags, work carpool, read to younger students, organize community service projects, lead the musical programs, and read devotionals over the loud speaker. You take that responsibility seriously and know it is important to lead as a character example. Your teachers have ingrained that in you since you were young.

This year you have studied the science of roller coasters, learned Greek and Latin roots, conducted science experiments, analyzed sentences, used the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems, written short stories, conversed in French, created an Excel spreadsheet of your stock portfolio, built a Medieval castle, dressed and performed as a part of speech, and discovered the richness of the Renaissance. You are working in class to develop your own writing style, and you’re feeling like a grammar wiz.

Though you’re sad to leave Highlander — it’s been a second home to you — you’re ready for junior high and excited to see what the future holds. You aren’t apprehensive about the schoolwork because you’ve done things at Highlander that you never thought you could do. Highlander has taught you how to study for your specific learning style, research and write a well-sourced paper on any topic, prioritize assignments, speak publicly with clarity, poise, and confidence, and face social challenges using Christian values. The future is bright, and you’re prepared to take the next step.

  • Pledge and prayer
  • Character development
  • Poetry memorization/recitation
  • Sentence analysis of historical content (Western Civilization– the Middle Ages)
  • Classroom literature: Swiss Family Robinson, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, and The Book of King Arthur
  • Study of Greek mythology
  • Greek and Latin roots
  • Austin Capitol field trip
  • Medieval castles
  • Ocean Day
  • Greek Food Festival
  • Advanced reading comprehension
  • Research Papers: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Middle Ages
  • Conjugation in 24 tenses
  • Science: ecosystems, electricity, earthquakes, body systems, and more
  • Study skills
  • Social Studies: geography, government, economics, early civilization, Renaissance, and more
  • Science Fair
  • Carden Cove
  • Accelerated Reader program
  • Saxon Math 87 (regular 8th/honors 7th)
  • Art appreciation
  • Self-expression through art
  • French
  • Computer/keyboarding/Microsoft Word/Excel/Power Point
  • Music
  • P.E. every day