The Highlander library is a treasure trove of classic literature and books that inspire lifelong readers.  The parent association and Highlander School have made a high-quality library a top priority. Students visit the library weekly with their classes for story time and to check out books. They are also given access to its literary collection throughout the week.

Highlander utilizes Accelerated Reader, a highly individualized reading program that guides students to read within their target range. Beginning in 2nd grade, students are tested in September, January, and May to determine their individual reading levels and measure improvement. Our Highlander librarian works closely with students to ensure their reading success through proper book selection based on appropriate levels and preferred genres. After reading an A.R.-approved book, students test for comprehension, acquired vocabulary, and literacy skills. Passed tests are tracked as A.R. points, which can be traded at the end of the year for coveted gift items at the Highlander A.R. Store.

Each fall, students anticipate Highlander’s Book Fair, where newly released, as well as classic fiction and non-fiction books are sorted to entice all ages and ranges from picture books to chapter books. Proceeds from the Book Fair help maintain and build our library.

In the summer, the Highlander library and Mac computer lab are open once a week in the afternoon and twice a month in the evening, giving students the opportunity to continue their A.R. reading and testing.